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Advantages Of Keeping a Beard

by alfredo

beardDid you know that there are healthy benefits in having a beard?? Yes! I didn’t know that before. I hope you didn’t also know that. In this article, you will get to know about the health benefits apart from being masculine.  Researchers have found this and beard adds more beauty to men. Having a beard makes a man look wise and smart. But it needs to look after with proper healthy habits.

Being young

Having a beard can make you look young. Most women do like men having less beard, it can give the person a different look and more acceptable by anyone. Most people would tell me that beard makes a person look old but actually it can make a person look younger. You have more hair on your body, then the effect of sun rays and aging takes place very less. There are variety of beard styles you can try like mutton chop, goatee, imperial and many. It is like keeping yourself younger on the inside and gives you a wise warm appearance on the outside. This is why organisations like Beard Clinic are becoming more popular, because even those who can’t manage a full beard still want one.

Keep skin good

Did you know that having a beard can keep your skin safer? Yes, it can. The skin gets more nutrients and remains well-nutrition when someone has beard. It improves the melanin in that region. That’s the reason when someone shaves after a long time, you can see the person having brighter face. The part of our body which is free from sunlight generates more melanin and makes the skin nourished and fair. One another good way to keep your skin feel better is to drink more water every day because our body is made up of fluids; it’s almost 70 percent water in our body. If someone is taking less water, the skin gets dry or damaged and looks aged. But the same person has full grown beard, the amount of damage would be meager.

Free from allergy

It works as the same way as nasal hair. It stops the harmful germs and tiny particles falling on the skin. Your skin would get brighter and good. These could be harmful causing more allergies with your body. You wouldn’t believe me that dust can cause asthma also. It is another worst disease that causes breathing trouble, people want to live healthy and fit.

Prevents cancer

Cancer is the worst thing and the treatments are high cost. Keeping beard can help you save from cancer. The harmful UV rays are from the sun and that can be prevented when you sport a good looking beard. You will never get burns or allergies or cuts or any kind of damage to your skin. This would be in very less fractional and may not happen too.

Prevents illness from cold

Yes, that’s correct. Men are prone to illness with the climatic changes and quickly get cold or cough. Having a beard can prevent the cold and keep your body warm generating heat. You will never get bacterial infections or any infections because it gets stopped by beard.

Top Beard Styles For Men

by alfredo

beardsBeard and moustache are the symbol of manliness and every man would love to have it to attract woman. Every year there is some good styles in the market which is trendy. Most men love the idea of having moustache. Let us look at the top styles of beard for men in this year.

Medium hair with beard

Medium hair with beard is a great style for men. Many men love this style of medium hair and beard combination. Shaving the neck can give you a better look and style. Look out to maintain your hair with medium, because when you have more hair it may not look the same. Going for hair cut every 20 days can be a great idea.

Top knot style

This is hair style with top knot which is more attractive when they use beauty products for men. The beard gets mixed with the hair and there is no clue which is hair and which one is beard. Make sure to have medium beard which makes it look better.  The knot is at the top of the head and this is similar to the man bun style. You can try both of the styles which have rich look.

Smart business style

You could be wondering what is smart business style? This is the style that many business men have nowadays; there will be short hair with short beard.  This is a sort of sporty look and everyone would love it. This is best for people who are always on business trip and have no time to take care of their hair. If you are looking for hipster style, then you must grow more beard but I don’t suggest it for business people. Hipster style may suit well for freelancer.


Yes stubble is a beard style. If keeping  beard is not your style and you don’t have time to take care of it, then stubble is the style for you. It looks like you haven’t shaven for few days with very short hair on the beard. This is a trimmed beard style; you can trim your moustache or keep it full grown. This is trending style for many youngsters.

Mutton chop

Mutton chop is a great beard style because it is unique and there are very less people who sport mutton chop beard. The chin part is shaven fully and moustache is kept or shaven according to the desire of the person. You can also try the friendly mutton chop style which has less hair in the sides. Have you seen hulk Hogan? (Wrestler) or the wolverine movies where you can see the mutton chop style of beard.


Goatee is the style sported by many youngsters. It looks like the beard of goat and hence the name. Many people sport the goatee style with more beard and shaving near the neck region.  You can have moustache which adds more look to the person. Imperial and van dyke are similar styles to Goatee, that have so much attraction.

Five Ways to Get Your Beard Perfect

by alfredo

Many men don’t take care of their beard and look like a wanderer, it is completely necessary to groom the beard and look good. Some people avoid having beard because it gets itchy most times. Well groomed beard is classy and gives you a rich look. We will look at the five ways to make your beard look great for you.

Wait and have patience

Growing a beard will take too much time; it will not be any quicker. It is good to take three to four months and remain patient during the process. It is suggested that you can color your beard if you require, because coloring your beard can make it look good. Identify how much thickness of hair that you get from your beard.  Identify how does it grow well and how much lengths can you grow your hair. Many don’t have that patience to grow.

Get the right food

Eating the right food and exercising can make you feel good, improve your hair thickness. If you don’t have a diet plan, then you must start now .Add cereals, nuts, and fruits in your diet. This can improve your hair growth and enhance the thickness of the hair, improve the hair follicles. Lustrous hair can make your face so bright and also make sure that you have the enough beauty products for face and skin. Wash your hair after your daily workout , that would keep your hair healthy. Look out for any


When you want to start growing beard, then look out for the right shampoo for your hair. You will get more itch and more sweat. If you don’t clean properly, your beard would smell bad. You can use any preferred shampoo and conditioner to clean your beard every day. If you require, then you can use a comb for cleaning. If you don’t add the proper nourishment with your hair, you can get dandruff so quick. This would be the worst situation to get dandruff or any rashes due to skin related problems or improper cleaning.


When you have more hair, it is good to trim once in a while. Because when it is more hair, it can completely ruin your look. Some face look good with trimmed beard while others look good with more beard. Trim once in a while and get smart, but never experiment with your hair. Trim like it looks good for you, because the more you trim the hair grows better.

Coloring your beard

Coloring your beard must be with the same color as your hair. When you dye your beard with different color, it may not look good. So, look out for it. Don’t spoil food on your beard and go unnoticed, it will cause a big trouble. Some people shave their moustache and neck region very close, creating an awkward appearance for them, never do that with your hair. Also ask help with your hair stylist, you can get  better ideas.